HempAmericana, Inc. (OTC: HMPQ)

State of the Art CBD Extraction & Production

Learn how HempAmericana, Inc. is positioning itself as a leader in the Multi-Billion dollar CBD Market


HempAmericana, Inc. (HMPQ)

HempAmericana is positioning itself as an emerging leader in the extraction and production of Hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) and related products by establishing three state-of-the-art facilities designed for research of cannabinoids. 

Hyper-focused on high-capacity extraction, processing, and purification of related oils using market-leading technology, The company will be utilizing one of the largest and most efficient full-spectrum CBD extraction machines on the market today. 

The Company (HempAmericana, Inc.)

HempAmericana is headquartered in New York City and quickly establishing itself as a leader in the CBD Oil extraction and processing space.


The company has begun the process of uplisting its trading tier with the OTC Markets Group (onto the OTCQB Venture Exchange). 

A move which the company believes will grant the company better access to institutional investors, a broader shareholder base, and greater credibility with its partners, clients, and customers, as well as with the wider investment community, and ultimately unleash significant value for HempAmericana shareholders. 

Research & Development and Retail

HempAmericana is hyper-focused on filling the growing demand for hemp based CBD products within the United States using the brand name "Weed Got Oil". 

The company intends to explore other possible business avenues relating to the legal use of the plant in the months and years ahead as demand for hemp-based CBD products within the United States continues to expand.

Recent Developments


Salvador Rosillo

Mr. Salvador Rosillo has been Chief Executive Officer, President and Treasurer of HempAmericana, Inc. since February 2, 2014. 

Mr. Rosillo is part of a group of pioneer artists in the New York area and has actively been painting since 1978. He served as Secretary at HempAmericana, Inc. from February 10, 2014 to August 18, 2014. 

He additionally worked in Africa for a period of six years, during which time, he worked on an exploratory project for a gold company. 

Mr. Rosillo Artist, Painter and Poet who attended the University of Columbia and a published author who wrote the book Kira Kurosawa's the Bad Sleep Well: Analysis, Drawings and Diagrams. 



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