HempAmericana, Inc. (OTC: HMPQ)

High-potency Seed Cultivation Facility

The Farm (2018)

HempAmericana, Inc. (OTC:HMPQ) has completed a new state-of-the-art greenhouse installation at the Company’s genetic seedstock augmentation facility in Maine.

The Company purchased a seven-acre farm in February of this year to serve as a base of engineering operations for the cultivation of a super-high-potency seedstock to fuel future CBD production. The greenhouse installation is the centerpiece of this facility. 

The Company will add an additional structure for cross-pollination activities. Controlled pollination will be used to cultivate increased CBD potency levels for next season’s planting schedule. The Greenhouse will be used primarily to provide highly controlled conditions for initial specimen development before transplantation out into the facility’s secure fenced-in grow field.

The Company has already acquired sufficient high-quality hemp flower for processing for 2018 CBD product yields. With the completion of its seed augmentation facility, management believes HempAmericana is setting in motion a process that will pay enormous dividends over coming years.